When you have placed an offer on a new home, one of the next steps is to have the home inspected. Research several professionals before you decide who to hire, just as you would for any other work performed on your home. Your real estate agent will have suggestions, but there is nothing wrong with choosing your own. Here are some things to think about when you hire a home inspector.

Recommendations From Homebuyers

Start by making a list of home inspectors that you might hire. Put down your real estate agent’s recommendations and also ask family and friends who have recently bought homes about their home inspection experiences. If someone you know highly recommends a home inspector, add the inspector to the list. Then, look up the home inspectors on your list online and contact them to ask questions.

Ask About Credentials When You Hire a Home Inspector

In most states, home inspectors need a license. However, there are other credentials they may hold that go above and beyond the state licensing standards. Check to see if the home inspector is a member of any home inspection associations. These organizations usually have continuing education requirements for membership. Because the home inspection field is an evolving one, it is important for inspectors to stay up-to-date with the current standards and technologies.

Hire a Home Inspector With Experience

Experience matters when it comes to home inspections. It takes years to learn how to evaluate the smallest details of a home. Experience in any aspect of the home construction or real estate industry is a plus. Ask each home inspector you contact about their background and how long they have been inspecting homes.

What’s Included in the Inspection?

Ask the inspector what is and isn’t included in the inspection. Find out what kind of inspection services are offered. Have the inspector go over the typical inspection process with you. These answers will help you decide if the inspector is a good fit.

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