Boost Property Value With Simple Changes

If you’re planning on selling your home this year, there are ways to boost property value and make more money from the sale. Many of these are DIY projects you can pull off with some basic tools and supplies from the hardware store. Hire a professional if you don’t have much free time or have doubts about your own home improvement skills.

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Colors go out of style over time. An orange wall in the living room might be off-putting for potential buyers. Get online and find out which colors are trendy for walls and which ones help sell a home faster. Neutral colors are always a good choice to paint walls when you’re planning to list your house for sale. There are many neutral tones to choose from so you can still get creative.

2. Bathroom Improvements Boost Property Value

A potential buyer will enjoy a bathroom that is stylish and functional. Invest in a new showerhead and toilet. Repaint the walls and replace outdated flooring with new tile or vinyl. Update the bathroom cabinets with fresh paint and new hardware. Installing drawer pulls is easy and inexpensive.

3. Garage Door Replacement

The garage door is used frequently. Replacing it will help you increase home value because potential buyers know it’s brand new and less likely to have problems. The appearance of the garage door also makes a difference. You can also change how your house looks and improve curb appeal by installing a new garage door.

4. Add a Deck

The deck is an extension of the home and where many families enjoy spending summer days. If you add a deck to your home, you will increase the usable living spaces. A simple deck can be built by a skilled homeowner or you can hire someone to build it for you.

5. Boost Property Value With New Flooring

After the walls have been painted, boost the value of your home by updating the flooring. Stained, faded carpets aren’t nearly as attractive to a potential buyer as new vinyl floors or hardwoods.

You can make your home feel like an entirely new place with a few minor changes. By adding a deck or painting the bathroom walls, you increase value and let any potential buyers know that you take pride in your property.

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